Fork Extensions Designed for Long-term Durability

Heavy-duty forklift extensions built for any load

High-strength Steel Components

Fully Tapered Design

Custom Sizes & Fits Available

Are you frustrated with low-quality fork extensions that bend easily and make loading & unloading bulky loads challenging?

We believe every shop with a forklift deserves a set of durable fork extensions that fit your forklift well,
make bulky loads easier to manage, and don’t easily wear out or bend.


Our extensions are fully tapered to make loading and unloading easier!

Tapered fork extensions

Generic Extensions

  • Bend and break easily
  • Non-tapered design makes loading and unloading difficult
  • Not sized correctly for your machine - resulting in unnecessary wear on the extensions and forks

Our Extensions

  • High-strength steel components
  • Each series has been load & strength tested
  • Locking pin for secure use (Channel Plus & Channel Tube models)
  • Fully tapered design for easier loading and unloading
  • Fabricated for a better fit & less wear-and-tear on your machine

How could a set of durable fork extensions increase your shop’s efficiency?

Standard Channel

Channel Plus

Channel Tube

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Find the fork extensions that correctly fit your forklift.

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After you purchase, we package your product correctly to ensure it arrives safely and without defect.

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Your Forklift Does More!

Enjoy the increased functionality of your forklift when it can move bulky loads safely.

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15-day Satisfaction Guarantee on all parts


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Each fork extension series has been load and strength tested


Custom sizing and options available

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Questions on our Forklift Extensions?

What are forklift extensions?

Forklift extensions extend the length of a forklift's existing forks. They are typically made of structural steel and slip over existing forks. At Sidekick Attachments, we multiple and profiles to meet your specific application needs.

Are fork extensions safe?

When used properly, fork extensions are completely safe. Just make sure that extensions do not exceed 1.5 times the length of the forks and ensure that they can support an evenly distributed load of three times its rated capacity. Additionally, the rated load center should equal 50% of the fork extension’s load supporting length.

What are ideal applications for pallet fork extensions?

Fork extenders temporarily extend the length of a lift truck’s forks. They are designed to improve the reach and load-bearing potential of a lift. That means they can handle large and oddly shaped loads with better stability and less product damage than regular forks. They also greatly increase the efficiency of a forklift. 

How long can forklift extensions be?

OSHA requires that Fork extensions should not exceed 1.5 times the length of the original forks. 

Example: If your forks are 4 feet long, then your extensions should not extend 6 feet.

How is forklift extension capacity calculated?

To determine what your forklift’s capacity will become when using an attachment, use the following formula: Truck Capacity X Load Center (for its Load Moment) / New load center of desired attachment.

You can also express this formula with an equation: (TC x LC)/NLC.

So, if you have a 5,000-lb. forklift with a 60-inch attachment, you would multiply 5,000 by 24 (its load center), for a result of 120,000 inch-pounds as its maximum load moment. Then we divide 120,000 by 30, which is the load center for the desired 60-inch attachment. The end result is 4,000 pounds of maximum weight when using that specific attachment.

Are certain types of fork extensions made for specific jobs?

A fork extension is a particular type of fork attachment. There are many kinds of fork attachments that do very different jobs.

For example, a side shifter fork attachment allows you to move a load from side to side, so you can make small adjustments to the alignment of the load.

Fork extensions are designed to provide a simple, but effective method of handling the occasional long and awkward load that extends past the tips of the parent fork arm. However, they do come in different styles and lengths depending on the job you are completing.

Are fork extensions easy to install and remove?

Yes! Most fork extensions can be installed and removed in a matter of minutes.

We offer several channel styles for reinforced durability

Forklift & Pallet Fork Extensions Designed for Long-term Use

You’ve probably experienced the frustration and inefficiency of not have fork extensions when you have a long or bulky load to move.

Or, the generic extensions you have in your shop are beginning to bend, break, or cause unnecessary wear-and-tear on your forks and machine.

At Sidekick Attachments, we believe you deserve better, and that’s why we designed one of the strongest and most efficient fork extensions on the market!

At Sidekick Attachments, we know you want to be assured in your investment in quality fork extensions made for long-term use.

To do that, you need reliable and strong fork extensions that make moving longer loads easier and safer.

The problem is that many generic fork extensions don’t fit well, bang around when not loaded, break or bend easily, and are non-tapered which results in difficult loading and unloading.

All this leaves you feeling frustrated that your fork extensions are not holding up to the standard wear-and-tear of your shop.

We believe every shop with a forklift deserves a set of durable fork extensions that fit your forklift well, make long loads easier to manage, and don’t easily wear out or bend.

We understand the frustration of not having quality fork extensions, or not having the right size and fit for your machine.

That’s why we offer extensions made from high-strength steel designed to fit your specific forklift, along with custom design options for your specific application. Each series has been load and strength tested, and we use our extensive forklift and manufacturing experience to create the best set of fork extensions available.

You don’t need to worry about your fork extensions breaking or bending or not being able to move long loads safely.

Instead, purchase your new extensions and enjoy high-quality steel components designed for long-term durability, the right extensions for your machine to avoid unnecessary wear-and-tear, custom design options for your specific application, a tapered design for easier loading and unloading, and an overall safer and easier way to move bulky loads!

Our line of quality forklift attachments, including custom products, include:

You can also view our gallery page to see more products and options!

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