Unlock the towing versatility of your forklift

3-in-1 Forklift Mounted Hitch

Quick & Easy Installation

Compatible with standard ball and hitch

Attaches to 36" long pallet fork blades

Are you tired of needing to purchase separate hitches for trailers, campers, and other equipment.

The 3-in-1 forklift mounted hitch eliminates the need for separate attachments, saving you time and money.

Without the 3-in-1
Forklift Mounted Hitch:

  • You need a separate truck or tractor to move trailers
  • You could drill holes in the forks for a hitch, but this is unsafe and not OSHA-compliant
  • The operator needs to leave the seat to fasten the hitch
  • You waste a lot of time doing simple tasks

With Our 3-in-1
Forklift Mounted Hitch:

  • You get stuff done faster
  • Don’t get off your forklift with a hands-free and self-locking attachment
  • Move multiple trailer styles: bumper hitch, 5th wheel, and gooseneck trailers
  • Experienced increased stability and better trailer control when moving

How can a 3-in-1 forklift mounted hitch boost your shop's efficiency?

NEW! Trailer mover for tractor trailers
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Move box trailers quickly and safely
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New Forklift Mounted Hitch!

Our newest product is designed to move tractor trailers easily, safely, and efficiently with your forklift - all without needing to leave your seat! Watch this video to see it in action!

Here’s How We’ve Helped
Other Shops Gain Efficiency:

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We Make the Process Simple

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Find Your Hitch

Find the 3-in-1 forklift mounted hitch that correctly fits your forklift and machine specs.

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Order Your Product

After you purchase, we package your hitch correctly to ensure it arrives safely and without defect.

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Your Forklift Does More!

Enjoy the versatility and increased functionality of your forklift when it can safely move trailers.

David Grant
Project Coordinator at Primoris T&D


"My warehouse guys love the 3-in-1 Forklift Mounted Hitch! The warehouse supervisor spent half a day just moving various trailers around the yard to try it out, and he loves it."

Why Work with Sidekick Attachments?


15-day Satisfaction Guarantee on all parts


Wide selection of in-stock options shipped within 2 business days

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90-day warranty on all parts and equipment


Our product knowledge and manufacturing expertise

View our trailer mover specs and options

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Questions on our 3-in-1 forklift mounted hitch?

Move 5th wheel and gooseneck trailers!

A Forklift Mounted Hitch That Lets Your Forklift Do More!

Ditch the dead weight. Stop dedicating space and resources to a trailer hauler you only occasionally use.

We've got a better way: leverage the power of your existing forklift for swift and secure trailer and RV maneuvering at your shop!

At Sidekick Attachments, we teamed up with the manufacturing experts at Iron Bull Manufacturing to bring you a forklift mounted hitch that is safe, efficient, and fast.

At Sidekick Attachments, we know forklifts are workhorses, but sometimes trailers feel like stubborn mules. Whether it be manufacturing plants, woodshops, RV facilities – anywhere forklifts and trailers meet – needs often outpace capabilities.

You deserve a faster, safer way to move trailers, be it bumper-hitch, 5th wheel, or gooseneck.

But what about the traditional methods? Drilling forks is a recipe for a bent tine, safety hazards, and OSHA violations. Leaving the operator to dismount and attach a separate hitch wastes precious time. Furthermore, who wants to buy a whole new truck just for trailer duty?

Not you.

That's why we created the innovative 3-in-1 forklift mounted hitch.

This isn't your average trailer mover. Our hitch boasts:

  • Self-locking design: Quick, hands-free attachment keeps you productive.
  • Easy fork entry: No time wasted wrestling with complicated connections.
  • Customizable options: We tailor the hitch to your specific needs.

Our team combines years of forklift expertise with a commitment to manufacturing excellence. That's why we offer a 15-day satisfaction guarantee and a 90-day warranty. With Sidekick Attachments, you have peace of mind knowing you're getting the safest and most effective solution.

Stop worrying about:

  • Damaged or bent forks
  • Wasted time attaching and detaching hitches
  • Unbalanced loads and safety concerns

Move trailers with confidence and efficiency. Boost your forklift's capabilities with our 3-in-1 mounted hitch. Experience the difference of a safer, faster, and more streamlined workflow – all without the hassle of extra chains, pins, or gadgets.

Upgrade your forklift today. Find your perfect hitch and unlock a world of possibilities.

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