Move semi trailers quickly and safely with your forklift

Semi Trailer Mover Attachments

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Hands-free Attachment


No chains or pins needed

Are you tired of needing to get a truck or tractor every time you need to move a trailer in your shop?

We believe every manufacturing business, RV plant, and woodworking shop deserves an efficient, fast,
and safe way to move job trailers and RV’s by using their forklift!

Without a Safe
Semi Trailer Mover:

  • You need a separate truck or tractor to move trailers
  • You could drill holes in the forks for a hitch, but this is unsafe and not OSHA-compliant
  • Chains or pins are usually required
  • The operator needs to leave the seat to fasten the hitch

With Our
Semi Trailer Mover:

  • Don’t get off your forklift with a hands-free and self-locking attachment
  • No chains or pins required
  • Move multiple trailer styles: bumper hitch, 5th wheel, and gooseneck trailers
  • Increased stability and better trailer control when moving

How could a quality semi trailer mover increase your shop’s efficiency?

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Here’s How We’ve Helped
Other Shops Gain Efficiency:

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We Make the Process Simple

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Find Your Mover

Find the semi trailer mover that correctly fits your forklift and machine specs.

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Order Your Product

After you purchase, we package your mover correctly to ensure it arrives safely and without defect.

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Your Forklift Does More!

Enjoy the versatility and increased functionality of your forklift when it can safely move trailers.

David Grant
Project Coordinator at Primoris T&D


"My warehouse guys love the Trailer Mover! The warehouse supervisor spent half a day just moving various trailers around the yard to try it out, and he loves it."

Why Work with Sidekick Attachments?


15-day Satisfaction Guarantee on all parts


Wide selection of in-stock options shipped within 2 business days

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90-day warranty on all parts and equipment


Our product knowledge and manufacturing expertise

View our trailer mover specs and options

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Semi Trailer Movers That Let Your Forklift Do More!

When it comes to moving a trailer or RV at your shop, you don’t want an extra truck or trailer that is only used for this purpose.

We believe you should be able to do it safely and quickly with your forklift!

That’s why Sidekick Attachments teamed up with the manufacturing experts at Iron Bull Manufacturing to bring you a semi trailer mover that is safe, efficient, and fast.

At Sidekick Attachments, we recognize the importance of getting the best value out of your forklift and the need for a fast and safe way to move trailers. Traditional methods, such as drilling a hole in your fork, can lead to safety risks, violate OSHA compliance, waste time, and even cause bent forks. We understand the frustration that comes with these methods and the temptation to purchase a truck or small tractor for moving trailers.

However, we believe that every small manufacturing business, RV plant, and woodworking shop should have access to a safe, efficient, and quick way to move trailers and RVs using their forklift. We know the challenges and safety concerns that come with not having the proper attachment or equipment to move trailers, and that's why we have developed an efficient semi trailer mover.

Our semi trailer mover is self-locking, has an easy fork entrance, and can be customized to individual applications. With our extensive experience in forklifts and manufacturing, a 15-day satisfaction guarantee, and a 90-day warranty, you can trust that you're getting the best and safest semi trailer mover.

Purchasing our hitch is easy: simply find the hitch that fits your forklift and machine specifications, place your order, and we will package your product properly to ensure it arrives safely and without defect. With our semi trailer mover, you can enjoy the versatility and increased functionality of your forklift when moving trailers safely.

Our semi trailer mover is an excellent addition to most manufacturing and maintenance facilities. It is made of strong steel construction, allowing for long-term use, even in harsh conditions. To use the hitch, slide the forklift forks into the unit and secure the safety chain to the forklift. The hitch is then ready to be attached to the desired equipment.

Our semi trailer mover comes with standard features such as strong steel construction, a bright finish for clear visibility, a tong load of approximately 1,500 lbs, and a push capacity of 2,000-7,500 lbs depending on the ball size. A chain is also included to secure the forklift.

With our hitch, you don't have to worry about damaging your fork or wasting time on unsafe or inefficient methods of moving trailers. Purchase our hitch today and make your forklift more versatile with a semi trailer mover. You'll discover a safe and quick way to move trailers, especially with our self-locking feature.

To learn more on how our semi trailer mover saves time and money, click & download our FREE E-book below.