Forklift Trailer Mover

Move your trailers quickly and safely with our hands-free forklift mover and trailer hitch!

Standard features include:

  • Gooseneck trailer hitch
  • 3-way receiver to fit most trailers
  • Storage rack for hitch pins, etc.
  • Wagon pin hitch



Are you tired of needing to always be getting a truck or tractor every time you need to move a trailer in your shop or warehouse?

Our hands-free forklift trailer mover allows you to move almost any type of trailer quickly, easily, and safely with your forklift! With a hands-free, chain-free, and self-locking design, you never need to get off your forklift to attach or remove our trailer mover.

The design allows this mover to work with multiple types of trailers: bumper hitch, 5th wheel, and gooseneck trailers.

Standard Specs:

  • Length: 63″
  • Width: 41″
  • Height: 14″

Full Pricing:

Forklift Trailer Mover 2

Forklift Trailer Mover 3


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