120″ Fork Extensions Channel Tube Design

These 120″ fork extensions have a Channel Tube™ design for extreme support when lifting large heavy objects. Designed to drive into them and insert the retaining pin. No heavy lifting needed. Extensions are tapered, full length for easy loading and unloading.



Are you frustrated with low-quality fork extensions that bend easily and make loading & unloading bulky loads challenging?

Enjoy the highest quality 120″ forklift extensions with:

  • High-strength steel components
  • Industrial 2-part painted finish to help diminish scrapes and chipping
  • Load & strength tested
  • Fully tapered for easier loading and unloading
  • Custom sizes and designs available

Note: OSHA requires that extensions do not exceed the length of the forks by more than 50%.


120″ channel tube design:

120" Fork Extensions Channel Tube Design 1



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