Shop All Class 3 Pallet Forks

Enjoy quality Class 3 pallet forks built with an Optimal Heel: A reinforced point to help the forks better withstand normal shop wear-and-tear.




Do you feel inefficient when your pallet forks don’t last long or aren’t properly designed for your machine? Our Class 3 pallet forks are designed and built to better withstand the normal uses of any shop.


Full fork specs:

  • Fork Class: 3
  • Blade Length: 42″ or 48″
  • Fork Width: 5″or 6″
  • Fork Thickness: 1.75″ or 2″
  • Fork Capacity for all models: 7900 – 11,000 pounds depending on exact model (for 1 pair at 24″ spread)
  • Fork Weight: 308 pounds to 438 pound depending on exact model


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