Class 2 Pallet Forks: 48 Inches Long; 5 Inches Wide


Enjoy pallet forks built with an Optimal Heel: A reinforced point to help the forks better withstand normal shop wear-and-tear.

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Do you feel inefficient when your pallet forks don’t last long or aren’t properly designed for your machine? Our pallet forks are designed and built to better withstand the normal uses of any shop.


Full fork specs:

  • Fork Class: 2
  • Blade Length: 48″
  • Fork Width: 5″
  • Fork Thickness: 1.5″ or 1.75″
  • Fork Capacity: 5500 pounds (for 1 pair at 24″ spread)
  • Fork Weight:
    • 1.5″ thick: 280 pounds for pair
    • 1.75″ thick: 314 pounds for pair


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