Durable Forks Designed
For The Long-Term

Pallet forks designed for your machine and application

Reinforced Components

Properly Sized For Your Machine

Custom Fits Available

Do you feel inefficient when your pallet forks don’t last long or aren’t properly designed for your machine?

We believe every shop and forklift operator deserves pallet forks designed for their

specific machine and job while being built to better withstand normal shop wear-and-tear.

  • pallet forks

    Standard Pallet Forks

    Our Optimal Heel design reinforces the wear points to better with stand scraping and dragging.

  • lumber forks

    Lumber Forks

    Fully tapered and polished forks that make loading and unloading stacks of lumber easy.

  • skytrak-170x939

    Specialty Forks

    Increase efficiency with custom forks designed for your specific construction or job application!

Generic Forks

  • Bend and wear down faster
  • Are not made for your specific application
  • Are not always sized correctly for your machine

Our Forks

  • Custom fits available
  • Reinforced Optimal Heel on standard forks better withstands normal shop wear-and-tear
  • Properly sized for your machine to help improve safety

How could a set of durable pallet forks increase your shop’s efficiency?

Reinforced optimal heel where forks are most damaged
lumber forks
lumber forks
lumber forks
lumber forks

We Make the Process Simple

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Find Your Forks

We help you find the forks that correctly fit your machine and make sure they are properly sized.

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Order Your Product

After you purchase, we package your product correctly to ensure it arrives safely and without defect.

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Have Peace of Mind with Your Forklift!

Know that your forks are designed for long-term durability and help with OSHA compliance.

Why Work with Sidekick Attachments?


15-day Satisfaction Guarantee on all parts


Wide selection of in-stock options shipped within 2 business days

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Custom sizing and options available


Our product knowledge and manufacturing expertise

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Questions on our forklift pallet forks?

How long should pallet forks be?

36” is enough to lift any standard pallet though we recommend 42” or 48” for pallet forks unless you are maneuvering in tight spaces. At Sidekick Attachments, we custom make pallet forks to fit your machine and space.

What can you use pallet forks for?

Pallet forks can be used for much more than moving pallets! For example, you can move and haul logs, clear brush, move around bales, lift things for roofing, and much more.

Are pallet forks universal?

No, not all pallet forks are the same. For example, tine load capacities come in load capacities ranging from 2,500 to 10,000 lbs, lengths from 42 to 60 in., and typically, adjustable widths. It’s important that you choose forks that work with your machine and are designed for the job you need them to do.

Do pallet forks have to be a specific size?

The length of forks depends on the dimensions of the goods you transport. Pallet forks should be at least 36” at minimum (though this is not a recommended standard length). 42” forks let you pick up pallets without having to worry about the forks sticking out the other side. Another common pallet fork length is 48”.

Can you straighten bent pallet forks?

Straightening bent pallet forks is not a good idea. First, pallet forks are very difficult to straighten. Beyond that, even if you can straighten them, doing so can affect their strength. You should also keep in mind that bent forks do not always meet OSHA standards.

How can you help prevent pallet forks from bending or breaking?

Keeping your pallet forks in good shape is fairly simple.

  • The first step is making sure you get well-built pallet forks that are made to handle the job you will be using them for.
  • At Sidekick Attachments, our forks have a reinforced optimal heel that makes them withstand shop wear and tear.
  • It’s important to adhere to the load capacities and not abuse the forks on rough jobs they weren’t made for.
  • And finally, avoid scraping or dropping the forks on the ground - especially paved or concrete surfaces.

Do pallet forks have to pass inspection?

Yes, pallet forks are included in OSHA safety inspections. Beyond these official inspections, we recommend you regularly inspect your forklifts and forks on your own, making sure everything is safe and in working order.

lumber forks
pallet forks

Quality Pallet Forks
for Any Design

You’ve probably experienced the frustration and inefficiency of not have pallet forks for a specific job or task that your team needs to accomplish.

Or, maybe you’ve had problems with generic forks wearing down, bending, or breaking quickly from normal shop use.

At Sidekick Attachments, we believe you deserve better, and that’s why we designed some of the strongest pallet forks available on the market!

At Sidekick Attachments, we know you want peace of mind knowing you have quality pallet forks that are safe and help with OSHA compliance.

To do this, you need pallet forks properly designed and sized for your specific machine.

The problem is that your forks are beginning to break, bend, or wear; they no longer pass inspection; or they aren’t made for the job application or machine you have.

This makes you concerned about the safety of your forklift, operator, and load. It also makes you feel inefficient when you can’t find the right forks for your machine or job.

We believe every shop and forklift operator deserves pallet forks designed for their specific machine, job application, and built to better withstand normal shop wear-and-tear.

We understand the concern forklift operators have when their forks start bending, breaking, or lose compliance. That’s why we designed our forks with an ‘optimal heel’ - a piece of extra reinforcement at the 90-degree wear point - to better withstand scraping, dragging, and bumping.

And with our 15-day satisfaction guarantee, our 90-day warranty, custom design options available for your specific machine, and our extensive forklift and manufacturing experience, you can have peace of mind that you are getting the best forks available - both in quality and fit!

You don’t need to worry about your forks failing inspection, breaking, bending, or not being designed for your machine.

Instead, purchase your new forks and enjoy extra strength and reinforcement with our Optimal Heel design, have the right forks for your work and job application, and have forks correctly sized for your specific machine!

Our line of quality forklift attachments, including custom products, include:

You can also view our gallery page to see more products and options!

To learn more how dependable pallet forks can help your business, download and read our FREE e-book below on 4 reasons quality pallet forks are so important!